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… October 2021

Hi, and welcome to a website about simple living, how to become more self-sufficient and less dependent on money, the first step on a path to becoming truly sustainable.

What you have here is our personal experience, both the good and bad, featuring stuff like: how to believe in yourself (instead of getting sucked in like everyone else to the allure of quick-fix faiths and isms)/ avoiding the need for a huge income or job/ taking back the responsibility for your own health/ and making & growing as much for yourself as possible.  Plus doing it in a way which puts the planet first, not destroying any more of our precious natural resources, acting sustainably.

What this site isn’t, is any kind of manifesto or attempt at life coaching.  Either for others to follow, or feel they have to comment upon.  Nor is it a claim at being an expert on anything, just us relating what we learnt over the last thirty odd years and thought others might find useful (especially the mistakes).  This way of life is not an easy option, going against what everyone else believes, so we though it would be good for folk who think like us to know there are others out there trying to do the same thing.

Until October 2013, we were Maureen (click here to visit her website) and Phil Rooksby.  Both originally from South London, where in the late 1970s we met as freshly-minted (art) teachers.  A career choice we’d both made after very disappointing A-level results (neither of us could function at exams), and the fear of being stuck in low-paid/ boring jobs if not qualified at something.  Long paid holidays were a draw too, as well as having the opportunity to indulge/ satisfy our developing creative appetites.  Thankfully this career option was never put to the test, because at the exactly the same time a totally new kind of job possibility was born, the extremely alternative and weird world of community arts (sadly long since gone).  Sweeping us up on a 20 year journey taking in the coolest periods of London/ Milton Keynes (during its formative years)/ North Yorkshire/ and finally Leeds, where in 1986 Maureen was blazing a trail as the Associate Director of the West Yorkshire Playhouse.  During this period we also started to realise planet Earth was on the verge of imminent extinction, thanks to industrialisation and massive overpopulation.  And by 1991 decided to do our bit and try to save it.  Firstly with me giving up working (for money) to become more self-sufficient, less dependent on money, which was spectacularly successful, we actually had a better quality of life.  Then in 2000 joined me.  We were 43 and 44 years old.  Sold everything and made our home a converted van.  Embarking on a nine-year odyssey to find meaning in our lives/ explore our creativity/ and find the one place on the planet where we could put down roots without compromise.

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The story of that epic journey is best left for Maureen to describe, in her book: TREAD SOFTLY BECAUSE YOU TREAD ON MY DREAMS, which is available here free (as a download) simply by clicking here.

cover image

Also highly recommended are the blogs she wrote, now available in a single book entitled MUSINGS ON A MORE SIMPLE LIFE, also available free (as a download), simply by clicking here.

During that nine years we explored NW Spain/ Portugal/ a tiny island in British Columbia (Canada)/ and then the Sierra de Aracena in SW Spain, where we came across an enchanting finca called El Pocito in Almonaster la Real, the one and only place that fitted most of our criteria:

somewhere we would be able to live without debt.  No mortgage/ rent/ utility bills/ or any other charge on our time, and with all the natural resources not only to build a home, but provide our food/ fuel/ other building materials/ electricity/ medicine/ plus earn cash when necessary.

our own water supply.  Originally we wanted it to be nothing less than a spring, but they proved so hard to find we eventually settled on a borehole instead, where the water is as natural/ unpolluted/ and plentiful as possible.  Also we wanted to be where there was at least one metre of rainfall per year, in order to be able to capture and store as much as that for non-drinking purposes.

high up.  At +/- 600 metres.  This is because the further you go the less extreme the climate becomes (all-year-round)/ humidity is lower/ pollution less/ but probably most important of all right now (with the imminent melting of both polar ice-caps and a subsequent 50m rise in sea-level), there’s absolutely no risk from flooding or tsunamis.

south-facing.  Having tried all the other options this is undoubtedly the best.  For crops/ minimising frost damage/ solar & wind power/ as well as being a lot warmer and lighter indoors.

with a soil that is as sandy as possible.  All the others just make the job a lot harder.

where neighbours are as far away as possible.  Which is not as easy as it sounds, for even with 2.5 hectares that’s still at best only 200 metres, unless like here you are surrounded by nothing but trees.

proximity to a local town was crucial as well, it had to be no further away than an easy walk/ cycle.  And small, +/- 500 people.  Almonaster la Real is perfect. While at the same time as far away as possible from any cities (Sevilla, the nearest, is 120 km).

well away from all roads and any other hazards to healthiness.

a climate where we can grow the widest range of crops all-year-round.

where we could have the perfect house, the most practical/ healthy/ and inspirational living space possible.

And in 2009 bought it.  The next four years working hard at making it as self-sufficient as possible.  Which was fortuitous, because in 2013 Maureen suddenly got sick and in no time (ill for just 10 days) was gone.  After 35 years together I was suddenly a widow, living in the middle of a forest, 3km from the nearest neighbour, and no income.  But obviously well-prepared, because I survived three years living like that, until the announcement of BREXIT made a moneyless life in Spain illegal, leading to the decision to return to the UK, the last place on the planet I ever wanted to end up.  The good news is I chose Shetland, as far away from Westminster as it is possible to get in this fascist regime .  Where, with my new partner, Pauline, we are currently searching for a place with land to continue a moneyless/ sustainable life. 

On the following pages you can see/ read all about it.  Also included are some of the many influences/ ideas we have come across over the years, constantly updated.  Hope you enjoy dipping into them.  Please feel free to ask any questions, we are always happy to help in any way we can.

To get you started here is a spanish tv programme from 2018, featuring some of the more eccentric residents of Almonaster la Real, including me.

Plus two short videos showing the inside of El Pocito.

Followed by someone who lives an almost identical life in Ireland, Mark Boyle, author of several books on living simply (featured on the books page).

Thanks to my dear friend  Nacho Suárez Obel who provided many of the photos for this site.

some thoughts to ponder…

“To be free (as it is possible to be) you first have to escape the gravitational force of con-vention, that insidious pressure of con-suming created by those who rule over us to enslave and conform.  Once you have overcome the great cons of our current epoch, and are well clear of its influence, then the entire universe will open out for you to explore.”

“It may seem wrong to ignore the sum of our collective knowledge, but land left alone, from human interference/ culture, will (given time) become infinitely more diverse and sustainable than any treatment we have or could ever devise.  If in doubt always do nothing.”       

There are only two solutions which will save us from imminent extinction.

They are:

1) An immediate global ban on all further births, until such time the total population is reduced to a sustainable level again (more on what that means in a moment).

2) A similar ban on the use of money, but permanently.

And the reasons?  Because this is the only way we can save the planet (and by implication, ourselves).  That unique self-governing eco-system, composed of an ever-expanding number of interdependent species, created in such a way, so infinitesimally complex, that even all our collective brain-power and computer-resources could never even begin to guess how it functions.  The sole provider of all the necessities we take for granted.  From oxygen we need to breathe, water, food, fuel, in fact everything.  Such an infinitely complex mechanism, that for us to tinker with any part of it is to court disaster.  Which of course is exactly what we have been doing, for the last 10,000 years.

Yet before that we were actually a positive and integral part of this wonderful creation.  For three million years, 98% of our existence.  We did this by acting sustainably.  Which meant keeping our numbers to a pre-determined level (around 5 million), and not taking anything out of nature (be it species or materials) that could not be replaced with exactly the same.  Then for some reason, 10,000 years ago, we decided to opt out of that.  At first it didn’t seem to matter, but our destruction was exponential, each new day it was worse, until now a single minute creates more damage than a thousand years at the beginning.  And there is so little left of the eco-system it is on the point of implosion.  We are all about to die.  Today, tomorrow, next week, next year.  Nobody knows when exactly.  But this is certain, it will happen soon.  Children born today will not live to become adults.

Sustainability is not rocket science.  If we want a future we have to stop taking out, stop using money, stop multiplying.

Which leaves just the one question, are you prepared to do that?     

“…each world has a song that is begun with the first life on a world, a song that sounds within the world to foster life and variation.  All living creatures are a part of the song which shall be sung forever, until the last star goes out… sometimes living creatures do not wish to be part of the song, they do not hear it, they rise up against it, they cry that they are larger than the song and more important than the music, and when their words drown out the song, then the world begins to die…”

(Sheri S Tepper)

“Let your boat of life be light, packed with only what you need – a homely home and simple pleasures, one or two friends, a cat, a dog, and a pipe or two, enough to eat and enough to wear”

(Jerome K Jerome)

“There is only one cause for the ills of this world, and that is money.  The purest souls among us are those who have none, for they spend nothing and harm nothing.  It is an oxymoron to claim to be righteous, walk lightly on the earth AND have money.”

“The longing for Nature, strong, silent and healthy, is the vital phenomenon of our time, and is the counterbalance to an inorganic civilisation, which we mistakenly describe as culture.”

(Viktor Schauberger)

“…by making the choice, not to have or do what everyone else considers right, you not only no longer have bills to pay but can experience that unique freedom of being able to live your own life …”

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  1. felix said:

    Mucho Animo Phil, yo tambien busco gente para formar una ecoaldea y la verdad que me esta costando encontrar gente que se comprometa y que tenga las cosas claras para hacerlo.

    Un beso y abrazo y no decaigas

  2. Sunny said:

    Hi Phil, stumbled onto your site and really enjoying browsing and reading up on what you have created. I am feeling: simplicity, harmony and beauty and the love of nature. What a wonderful project. I offer condoleances for the passing of your partner and all best wishes for the future of your lovely home, the evolution of your work and lifestyle and your own deeper fulfilment.

  3. Katrina said:

    Hi Phil,
    I saw your ad in Permaculture Magazine so went to look at your site. . . I love the DVD you made showing your home and the garden. From 2003-2009 I lived in Andalucia with my ex partner. We bought some land with a ruin just outside Velez Rubio and eventually built a house there but we made the mistake of not being able to live in it sustainably. Eventually the relationship dissolved – things change and life moves on. I can understand your loneliness and devastation at the loss of your partner and admire your courage in sticking with your dream. Your vision is fantastic and I wish we could have swapped ideas and experiences with you at the time. Living in Spain had always been my dream and I never regret the opportunity I took to move there for those 6 years. Living back in the UK since 2009 and I’m fairly happy. For me Bristol – where I live – is like a halfway house between Spain and England as there are so many Spanish living here – but I do miss Andalucia (I won’t say “Spain” because it is so different to the rest of Spain) a great deal and especially the Spanish way of looking at things and living life. Good luck in your search for a soul mate and in your future wherever that may be.

  4. Riginap@hotmail.com said:

    Really beautiful story and i shared your ad on my page facebook. Me and my friend are willing to live sustainable. We are at the moment saving money to buy a plot in spain or portugal. We will be visiting some regions of spain this september oktober in order to find our dream piece of land. Unfortunately we have a tight budget so we cant go for this one. But its really beautiful.

  5. Gisela Posch said:

    Hi Phi!
    I feel it’s time for me to follow my heart and take responsibility for a piece of land like el pocito. Can We get in touch? Maybe via mail adress?
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and dreams.

  6. Tara reddy said:

    I am
    Firstly sorry for your loss and secondly thank you for sharing your wonderful story with us all .. You are both an inspiration and I would really like to know more and come to visit with a view of continuing the beautiful history you have both created..

  7. Nicki Garcia said:

    Beautiful……such dedication…Bless You !!

  8. Oak said:

    “This is the plain fact of the matter, what happens when you act sustainably with a living organism you are totally dependent on. Anyone can do the maths and see that.”

    unsustainably !

  9. Christopher Dunn said:

    Thanks so much for your inspirational story.
    I’m planning on sharing it with my #PermacultureWalkabout network.

  10. Dianne Güngör said:

    I can across your site by pure chance and was captivated. I have since downloaded your late wife’s book and loving every page. Learning that your wife had passed away in 2013 was a real blow and I felt so deeply bereft for you. How you have managed to keep only you know but it looks like you are starting to live again and plan another chapter in your colourful life. I couldn’t be happier for you. I hope you will continue to share your life with people like me who are like minded in their quest for a simpler more sustainable life. We retired early to Turkey but for many reasons are now looking for another place and Northern Spain and Portugal were at the top of the list that is how I came across Elpocito. I see you are considering the French Pyrenees. The region looks beautiful and I look forward to hearing your story if you make it there or wherever. Good luck and keep writing it’s inspirational!

  11. Stacey sellers said:

    Hi Phill
    You are living a beautiful way of life, I’m sorry to hear about your partner. I have downloaded her book and slowly reading it when I Can snatch time inbetween hecktic life 😦
    Wish we could buy your property but my partner and i are looking for very cheap in Spain. I hope you find someone to buy and you can continue on your journey of life.
    Stacey 🙂

  12. soulodad said:

    Beautiful website and so informative………blessings to Phil and his ability to create from source …..Namaste….

  13. Nicholas Gellie said:

    Dear Phil

    I have read your blog and Maureen’s book. Your life in SW spain is inspirational and educational. What an achievement in an alternative sustainable lifestyle?

    You have my email address. Perhaps we can have a chat about your new endeavours. We are in Galicia at the moment. We lived on the Alpuharras for a short while back in 2014. We also have a straw bale house on a 1 ha of land back in Australia.

  14. juliet said:

    May you find your next years as fulfilling,and continue to bring hopeful beauty into this world..sending you all good wishes,and thanking you and your wife for your wonderful work..

  15. Grant Feltham said:

    Looks an enchanting place to admire nature with a simple approach to everyday life. Thank you

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