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There are a vast number of cats in Almonaster la Real, in fact far more than people living here.  Most are feral, living off gifts from generous cat-lovers, or what they can find for themselves in the various municipal rubbish bins.  The official view (of the local council) is they (and most other non-human species) represent a public pest/ nuisance, so should be exterminated, and to this end the council has been paying for a monthly service to do just this, including sadly, many cats who do have homes.

We would like to change such barbaric attitudes and at the same time improve/ celebrate the lives of these remarkable and wonderful creatures.  Firstly by starting a Cat Rescue project (to neuter and re-home), which has begun (see its FB page ANIMALES PROTEGIDOS EN ALMONASTER LA REAL), then create a permanent sanctuary where cats (and all other animals) can be treated and await re-homing.

I’ve created this page so that anyone who has experience/ interest in what we are trying to do can get in touch.  And secondly because El Pocito is the ideal site to run this project from, so if there is anyone out there looking for such a property/ life this could be for them.

Look forward to hearing from you.  Meanwhile there are already five felines who have unanimously approved El Pocito as the perfect place to live, they are:

PLUSH:  who was rescued from a busy street in nearby Cortegana, as a tiny kitten, and has now lived here for eight years.

WOOLLEY:  re-homed to here from Alajar.

OSO: who turned up when his owner moved and left him behind.

NOAH: who also turned up, from a home three kilometres away.

CLARENCE: who hails from Shetland, and at eighteen is the oldest, having been re-homed innumerable times and lived in at least three different countries.


(latest news first)

● TUESDAY 10 JULY 2018.  Second trapping adventure.  This time got five cats in five minutes, before 8am, must be some kind of record.  Packed them all into the back of the van and headed off to the vet in Aracena.  Four males and one female.  We have now done nine cats.  Not a lot, compared to how many are left, but a good start.  Now have to raise the money to do another five.  If you would like to help sponsor a neutering please get in touch.

● FRIDAY 6 JULY 2018.  Forgot to add the Association now is official and has a stall on the town square every Saturday 11am – 2pm.  Selling anything we can make or get given.  All proceeds go to paying the vet for the sterilisations.  All other costs are currently being paid for out of the pockets of our committee members.

● FRIDAY 15 JUNE 2018.  On Wednesday, after four mornings of feeding/ acclimatisation, the new association trapped its first seven cats.  Three turned out to be pregnant so couldn’t go, but the other four, three females and one male, were duly transported to Aracena, where Francisco & Rosa (CLINICA VETERINARIO RIVERO APARACIO) did the necessary.  All went smoothly, except much later we discovered one of the cats still had a needle in its leg, and while we tried to extricate that it took fright and hid in a void space in the van.  Finally emerging at 10.30pm.  The next day the needle had disappeared and all is well.  All in all, for the first attempt, not bad.  Now all we need is the necessary funds to do this every week, until we get all 300+ cats done.  It is highly unlikely the local council will come up with the money, so if you have any ideas please get in touch.  Below are some pictures, starting with Dolores, who feeds the street cats we trapped this week.


● TUESDAY 5 JUNE 2018.  How slowly everything moves here!  Finally SNIP INTERNATIONAL, a charity that donates equipment towards getting cats neutered, has sent us a trap and crush boxes.  We meanwhile have raised enough money to start that process and hope to take our first street cats to the vet next week.

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● SUNDAY 21 JANUARY 2018.  Too boring to report back on meetings currently, as a bout of spanish fiesta inertia has struck the group hard and is proving hard to break.  New blood needed to stir folk into action.  But the good news is the stall at the Christmas market raised 200+ euros, and we received the first donation (from two pensioners in Manchester) which means there is money to start the neutering.  If you can help by supporting us financially please get in touch.

● TUESDAY 12 DECEMBER 2017.  Having spent last Saturday helping the Aracena group PELUDOS SIERRA DE ARACENA raise money/ awareness outside the Mercadona supermarket, this coming week the group will its first fund-raising event as part of the three-day Almonaster la Real Christmas market, this Friday/ Saturday/ Sunday.  Members have been busy making Christmas related things to sell.

● TUESDAY 28 NOVEMBER 2017.  Forming a group in Spain obviously takes a lot of more effort than imagined.  The forms for creating an Association have moved one more (tiny) step further, but still a way to go.  Very frustrating.  Meanwhile the Council is continuing to use a cat extermination service to solve any complaints from the small but well-connected minority of residents in town.

● WEDNESDAY 15th NOVEMBER 2017.  Another well attended meeting.  A President and Vice-President have been elected and the application to become an Association is just lacking a Treasurer now.  There is the possibility of using an empty shop in town for a pop-up fund-raising location (selling things the group members have made or given).  And an application has been made to SNIP to start us off with some cat traps and transfer baskets.  At the next meeting it is hoped to watch the Webinar from Alley Cat Allies, all about TNR.

● WEDNESDAY 1st NOVEMBER 2017.  The two new FB pages (one in english, the other in spanish) have been well received, already people are posting on them about abandoned animals, alas before there is the money to neuter them and arrange suitable re-homing.  Work is almost done on getting the articles of Association document written.  Website is next job.  A storage facility has been found for equipment and food, so once the initial £2000 needed to buy the former is received it can go in there.  If there is anyone reading this willing to donate that amount it can be sent direct to the manufacturers, as the Association does not yet have a bank account.

● WEDNESDAY 18th OCTOBER 2017.  Second meeting, with two new faces in attendance, including the vet from Clínica Veterinaria Rivero Aparicio in Aracena, who has agreed to do the neutering for us at an amazing price of just 35 euros per cat.  We discussed what needs to be put in the document forming the association, and fund-raising ideas.  A new Facebook page has been created: Animales protegidos en Almonaster la Real – english, where we hope to raise the necessary funds from supporters in the UK in order to start work.  2000 euros is needed straight away, to buy the necessary trapping equipment, which we hope can be paid by a single donor direct to the manufacturer, then 35 euros per cat (approximately 2000 euros a year).

● WEDNESDAY 4th OCTOBER 2017.  And our first ever meeting.  By 7pm only the mayor and his deputy had turned up (to mark their territory!), but eventually people began to arrive, and the group officially started.  By the end we had a WhatsApp group (Felinos y perretes), let me know if you want to join, and a FACEBOOK page (Asociación de amigos de los animales Almonaster La Real-Huelva).  But would also like a webpage presence too, so if anyone reading this could put that together (which we can then add stuff to) please get in touch.  Our next meeting will be in two weeks time, when we hope to formally apply for Association status and start the fundraising programme.  It will cost about £2000 to buy all the trapping equipment, then another £20,0000 a year to neuter the street cats.  It is hoped to raise as much of that as possible from UK supporters, so let us know if you have any ideas about how we can do that.

● SUNDAY 1st OCTOBER 2017, and we’ve finally organised a public meeting for WEDNESDAY 4th OCTOBER.  It’s going to be at the TETERIA AL-ANDALUS, 7pm.  Everyone welcome.  Where we hope to formally create an association, plus discuss the plans to neuter all the street cats, and fundraising ideas (including a stall at the forthcoming Islamicas in two weeks time?).  If you can’t make it but would like to help in any way please get in touch (WhatsApp + 34 633 731 906 or monkeyandsofia@yahoo.co.uk).  Fundraising ideas (and donations) really welcome.