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There are a vast number of cats in Almonaster la Real, far more than people.  Most are feral, living off gifts from generous cat-lovers, or what they can find for themselves in the various municipal rubbish bins.  The official view of this is they (and most other non-human species) represent a public pest/ nuisance, so should be eradicated, and to this end the council has been paying for a monthly service of rounding them up and extermination.  Including sadly, many cats who do have homes.

We would like to change such barbaric attitudes and at the same time improve/ celebrate the lives of these remarkable and wonderful creatures.  Firstly by starting a Cat Rescue project (to neuter and re-home), then create a permanent sanctuary where cats (and all other animals) can be treated and await re-homing.

I’ve created this page so that anyone who has experience/ interest in what we are trying to do can get in touch.  And secondly because El Pocito is the ideal site to run this project from, so if there is anyone out there looking for such a property/ life this could be for them.

Look forward to hearing from you.  Meanwhile there are already five felines who have unanimously approved El Pocito as the perfect place to live, they are:

PLUSH:  who was rescued from a busy street in nearby Cortegana, as a tiny kitten, and has now lived here for eight years.

WOOLLEY:  re-homed to here from Alajar.

OSO: who turned up when his owner moved and left him behind.

NOAH: who also turned up, from a home three kilometres away.

CLARENCE: who hails from Shetland, and at eighteen is the oldest, having been re-homed innumerable times and lived in at least three different countries.