– anything is possible if you have the passion

There have been so many people interested in living at El Pocito, literally tens of thousands (incredible, but true), but who sadly either lack the courage or finances to take the plunge.  Well, courage is something that comes from within, the realisation that yes, you can do it, not get bogged down by the what if’s, and finance, well that no longer needs to be a stumbling block either, not now, not with the advent of crowd funding.

Indisputably, El Pocito is a unique property, that’s why it took us so long to find it (nine long years).  And had Maureen not got sick, had she not died, then it would have become even more renowned as a showcase for a new way of living sustainably.  Thus, for the right people, with the skills to use social networking and raise the necessary to buy it, that potential can still be realized, with zero capital.

Among the many possibilities here are: olive production/ wine making/ cork/ fruit/ bees/ courses (including: permaculture, organic growing, forest gardening, yoga, meditation, learning Spanish, ornithology, entomology…)/ therapies/ festivals/ yurts/ working holidays on the land/ an animal sanctuary (it is ideal for cats, as our bunch will testify.)/… the possibilities are endless.

As is the amount of land that can be incorporated.  The local council owns all the neighbouring forestry, and is keen to cooperate with any ecological project that increases their green credentials.  So, if life at El Pocito is something you are dreaming about then don’t be put off by the “ah buts” or the “what if’s,” just get a campaign up and running and go for it!  Lots of people have realised their dreams by crowd funding, and El Pocito is indeed a very special place.

Look forward to hearing from you.


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