“Does your God care about anything, but men (and women)?”  (Raising The Stones, Sheri.S.Tepper)

“And God said, let us make man in our image, after our likeness, and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the land”.  (Holy Bible, Genesis 2, 26)

Yes, yet another musing from deep within the forest.  This time all about why we don’t see/ appreciate/ or value anything other than ourselves, don’t see the harm we cause, or understand we have to put something back when we take things out (of the precious ecology).

Okay, so you’re going to tell me you are not religious.  Well you’re wrong, we all are.  Religion is so embedded in our species now there is no way any of us could interpret our world other than by its very specific doctrine, it could even be part of our DNA.  Oh, there are other religions as well (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, etc), but they are just a very extreme version of the same thing, with one common factor, they are all total fiction.  It’s not always been like this, I’m guessing before we began to settle (about 10,000 years ago), we each had our own completely different outlook of the world, but that has long been worn down into choosing the fictional one instead, where we believe we are the chosen species, supreme over all others, omnipotent.  Which is why it is fine to eat meat/ drive a car/ fly/ or do any of the other billions of everyday normal things we take for granted, even though they are causing unnecessary pain/ suffering/ and death to innumerable other life-forms (for example, here in the rural backwater of Sierra de Aracena three million pigs a year are murdered, just so we can eat very expensive ham).

We even justify it scientifically.  Having created a body of wise men, no less than a priesthood, who can prove anything and everything in order to confirm the doctrine, that human-centric/ anthropocentric is the only interpretation of our world.

This is not only very frightening, that a group of extremists governs how we see, interpret our world, and behave (social media and tv news for example), but at the same time we allow them to destroy every other species, along with all the natural resources of the planet, to feed their greed for absolute power/ allegiance.  What hope is there?

Ah you say, what about all the good things we do for the planet?  For which conveniently there is a whole new language: organic/ biodynamic/ re-newable energy/ recycling/ sustainable/ etc.  Except which are all lies too, none of them make a scrap of difference.  How is organic benefitting the planet, when it is only about feeding us?  Biodynamic, the same.  Re-newable energy.  How can something that costs (the planet) so much to install and maintain, just to provide us with electricity, be a good thing?   Recycling, is nothing more than re-using precious/ irreplaceable natural resources that shouldn’t have been taken out in the first place.  Sustainable?  Ha, whatever we do is fundamentally unsustainable.  The list is endless, and ultimately it is all about serving ourselves, not the planet.  This also at a time when our population is soaring out-of-control, who will want to behave just as selfishly too.  The truth is we don’t put a single positive thing back into the planet, just take take take, simultaneously hurting/ torturing/ killing other species, pretending to ourselves they don’t matter.  Doesn’t that sound a little bit crazy?  If the planet was a bank account, how long do you think we’d get away without ever putting anything back in?

While we’re on the subject, what does anyone actually know about nature, the billions of very different species apart from ourselves, their culture/ intelligence/ feelings/ habitats/ diets/ etc?  Truthfully?  Nothing.  Our religious priests make it all up.  Even we who inhabit the so-called counter-culture, the alternative movement, can be accused of the same too.  Of which I count myself at fault.  For the last 30+ years I thought I was doing something positive for the planet, guided by the many “isms” that have proliferated during that period, 25 of those making forest gardens, involving the sowing and subsequent planting of many thousands of trees/ shrubs/ perennials/ annuals/ roots/ and climbers.  But I can see now I was wrong.  Because it was still coming from a human-centric perspective, providing for us firstly and using what we thought best.  When to be truly humble, what do I know about how the planet works?  A force billions of years old, that started out as a fireball from the sun, the created all this life.  Only one thing it seems.  That it is constantly evolving and seeking ways to improve and expand the number of species and interdependencies.  Which is totally the opposite way of we are taught to think, looking instead for patterns/ simplification/ reduction/ rules.  Flux versus rigidity.  How did I finally realise this?  By living in nature 24/7 for seventeen years, observing and listening to nature, though fundamentally by doing absolutely nothing.  Because instead of imposing, if you leave a piece of land alone, it will grow into a far better place on its own than we could ever hope for.  One that is in total accord with its conditions both locally and globally.  We will never be able to understand how to do this, attain such a level of complexity, or accept the flux factor way of thinking, because it is the antithesis of our religion.

Our eco-system is by far the most intelligent and evolved organism on the planet.  We, in comparison, are the least.  Those in-between therefore deserve our total respect.   From now on therefore we can must either live extremely lightly or retreat into urbanity until we take up the least amount of room, so we no longer do any more damage and the planet can begin to heal itself, or face extinction.

It is up to you, but don’t be fooled into thinking you are worth more than any other life or that you are helping the planet.  That is just the religion talking.



I may be a bit slow on the uptake here, after all this only took me sixty-odd years to realise, but am I alone in thinking what was a seeming benign, nay paternalistic, entity, evolved from ten thousand years of civilisation, is nothing less than the same old nasty dictatorial regime that took hold at the beginning, in a new guise?

Yes, am talking about our beloved national governments once again.   Though not their public face, the actor/ politicians, or the vague allegiances each party pretends to hold, which are just there for entertainment/ distraction purposes, but the real power behind them, the people who as always really run our lives.

Those who have crafted this virtual reality so perfect now, that we the masses are not only willing to swear our total allegiance/ life to it, but also give freely 99% of our hard earned income (in taxes/ tithes).

And with them in mind, proposing the following hypothetical question:

If it were possible (because, unless there is a serious ecological meltdown, this could never happen, so don’t waste your precious life thinking otherwise), to totally eradicate the monster that has held our species captive for ten thousand years, what would you wish to see in its place?

Here are some of the positive (no point listing the negative, there will always be some) thoughts I’ve had so far:

…with all taxation and public services abolished, personal income would instantly double in value and everyone will at last be free to choose which private services they wish to buy into, either through an insurance scheme or pay-on-demand…

…to replace certain essential public services it would probably be necessary for some kind of unpaid civil-service, where everyone does so many hours/ days each year for their local community…

…there would be no need for bureaucracy, identity numbers, passports, or papers…

…or propaganda…

…the true/ natural/ agricultural sense of community/family would re-establish itself again…

…real personal freedom would exist once more, for the first time since we stopped being nomadic…

…self-responsibility would be rediscovered…

…more arts/ crafts/ self-expression…

…nomadism, the true state of species, would return…

…no more proscribed religion…

…no cctv…

(photograph from http://hedgespoken.org)



Okay, so not hard, but did you get the point?  That where there are few or no people, there’s far more nature?  Because this is something we all need to understand.  Less of us = more nature = a balanced eco-system and sustainable future.  Urbanisations = extinction (and not just of all the other species).  Let’s be honest, no-one really wants to live in places like this (London, currently the most polluted city on earth), especially when it going to dramatically shorten our lifespan and be the prime cause of the end of the world.  (The other photo is my favourite place on the planet – Vancouver Island BC.)

Here’s another pair, this time as quotes.  I came across the first while searching information for our cat rescue project in Almonaster la Real (Facebook page: ANIMALES PROTEGIDOS EN ALMONASTER LA REAL – english).  The second is exactly the same but with the noun changed.  How come the first one is okay, the second unacceptable?

“Everyone with a pet cat can help too, by making sure their pets are neutered so they don’t add further kittens to a world already overflowing with unwanted pets.”

“Everyone with a child can help too, by making sure their children are neutered so they don’t add further children to a world already overflowing with unwanted children.”

It’s all a matter of perspective.  We have been indoctrinated to believe the world exists for us, to do with as we wish, and that there is a natural hierarchy with us at the top.  This is a lie, our sole role is to feed other species, nothing else.  If we don’t realise this soon (Emperor’s New Clothes) we will cease to exist.



The appeal to help re-home Lotus & Steve before winter bites has still a way to go.  Yet is still only the price of a coffee if everyone who read this gave.  Then they will be safe and snug, as well as ready to start the work of rebuilding their beautiful oasis.

Lotus & Steve deserve your support and encouragement, because (brave) people like them are dispelling the myth that we as individuals can’t change things.  They prove it is possible to live well, very well, on very little.  That we don’t have to be slaves for our entire lives serving the needs of those who-rule-over-us.  Putting up with overcrowding and all the bad stuff that happens when one species over-populates the rest.  They are also doing their bit to repair our terminally ill eco-system.  So please help them continue this excellent vocation, by foregoing just one coffee today….

Donate here: https://www.youcaring.com/lotusmoran

Today’s theme was sparked by a lovely video received recently.  I didn’t know the person before, but it seems we are on totally the same wavelength.  Take a look (it’s only 1m 35sec) before reading any further.

This is the home of Lotus and Steve, very much like El Pocito (except situated in neighbouring Portugal), pared down to the essential basics though still containing everything anyone would ever need to lead a very fulfilling healthy long life.  Got me thinking, about why more people don’t do this.  Maureen and I for example, originally just your stereotypical ordinary couple, waited until we paid off our mortgage (at the relatively old age of 43 & 44), before thinking of embarking on it.  Which was totally unnecessary, because land like this can still be found for next-to-nothing (Lotus & Steve worked and saved for just 6 years to afford all this).  In fact taking it a step further, why waste any time, when by reducing the school-leaving age and allowing young people to begin earning earlier (with education credits to use later if they want), they could work/ save enough while still living at home, that by the time they would otherwise have completed a totally pointless further/ higher education (along with accumulating a huge student loan debt), be able to buy a place outright.  Neatly circumventing all this ludicrous intense social pressure (invented by guess who?), to waste our precious lives instead chasing an imaginary career, getting into debt buying/ renting successive bigger/ better/ more expensive homes, filling them with equal amounts of pointless rubbish, procreating, while adding to all that with holidays and other diversions to hopefully get some kind of respite from all the stress.  Only to discover that at the end of chasing this pot of gold/ rainbow, those-who-rule-over-us have moved the retirement goal posts (again), and you are either too scared to want to have any other kind of existence/ ill/ or dead.

The beauty of what Lotus & Steve chose is you don’t ever have to get into any of the above, because it is so cheap, both to buy and live thereafter, achievable by anyone.  Plus there are all the other benefits.  Notably the planet doesn’t have to suffer anywhere near as much by your grossly overpopulated presence.  Anyway enough of my ranting, just thought I’d share that with you.

I also wanted to write this because sadly Lotus & Steve suffered a minor setback recently (although they won’t thank me for calling it that), and I thought they could do with your help.  Thanks to a cruel act of arson their place was burnt to the ground last month.  Devastatingly they lost not only a precious cat but all their lifetime memories, stuff that can be never replaced, as well as having to face the coming winter without their beautiful/ cosy home.  There is a crowd-funding appeal set-up to help raise the necessary £7,000 needed (the land will recover on its own to be even better), please donate if you can:  https://www.youcaring.com/lotusmoran-986152/update/760977?fb_action_ids=10156049737066614&fb_action_types=youcaringcom%3Apost

Finally here is a photo of Lotus, I think it is lovely.


phil rooksby el pocito 212

It’s that time again, when I get a pleasant shiver running down my spine telling me a rant is due (yes, I actually enjoying it).  This one inspired by several seemingly unconnected events recently, yet all neatly linking up.

The first, an email from THE LAND magazine, arrived on one of the rare moments I was actually on-line (regular readers will know I don’t have internet) last Sunday.  I took it to be important, because after my recent run-in with Simon Fairlie, there was no way they would ever get in touch again.  And lo, the editorial team has been revamped.  So did this mean my earlier offer of an article might be reconsidered?  I replied immediately.  And the response was almost as quick (have these people not got homes to go to?).  Almost an essay, full of the same old tired stuff SF had thrown at me before.  Had I bothered to read it properly, I would have seen it was just a circular.  However it got me thinking about the magazine again.

Next was FISH TAILS.  This is the title of the latest SF novel by eco-writer Sheri S Tepper.  You should know that to be able to read (as opposed to watching tv/ listening to the radio), is like breathing/ eating/ & drinking for me, essential to life and for keeping me sane/ centred.  In fact ever since I saw the film FARENHEIT 451 (as a teenager), then read Ray Bradbury’s book which inspired it, a library has always accompanied me, especially hardy perennials that can be read over and over again.  FISH TAILS contains a literary reference to F451, with a sect which rescues and protects books for a more enlightened future.  They are called VOLUMETRIANS.  And it made me think how few people now actually want to and make time to read good literature, that is work by artists/ thinkers, those who have to express themselves, as opposed to the hacks who simply churn it out for the money.  From which came the sudden realisation that actually society is already separated into two distinct camps, just as in F451.  Or as another brilliant writer/ philosopher, Ronald Wright, proposed, that it is in our DNA, we are descendants of two totally different species, one foragers and passive, the other carnivores and aggressive.

Take that all one (giant) step further, and I propose that the likes of Simon Fairlie and his ilk (all the other alternative/ ecology publications), plus probably most of the ecology movement, are actually on the side of the book burners, ie the majority, if the truth be known.  Because while they peddle ecology solutions (products/ courses/ services etc), what they actually believe in is having life both ways, doing so by making their living out of it.  Just like the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t really want there to be a cure for cancer, or they’d be out of a job, so they don’t allow the real solutions to be aired and instead focus on creating seemingly reassuring and positive diversions, stuff that brings people together and makes them feel good (fun runs comes to mind), even if it isn’t going to make any difference.  Which brings me onto VIVA LEWES.

I doubt if anyone has ever heard of this publication, unless of course they live in Lewes (East Sussex).  It’s not alternative/ ecological in the sense of those above, yet still manages to offer and embrace all the same values, albeit from a different perspective, that of the conventional person/ majority.  It’s a monthly what’s-on magazine, totally free, running to over 100 full-colour pages, providing a quintessential mix of great graphics/ excellent journalism/ and quirky advertising.  All in a brilliant format that somehow manages to make the readers feel they are the lucky ones.  Which of course is what all the other magazines hope for too, to make you feel part of their exclusive club (everyone dreams of winning the lottery/ living in their own version of Lewes).  A friend sends me copies, and I can’t lie, it is like a drug.  A modern version of P G Wodehouse (you have to be rich to live in Lewes), but reflecting not just Lewes, society as a whole, as the majority it seems really do seem to be ready to believe that anything is possible if only you have enough money to throw at it.  For me of course I just like VL for the irony (and graphics), which is something you could never say about THE LAND et al, where else could you find a cycling seamstress/ silent hairdresser (who will also de-clutter your wardrobe as well)/ a food-delivery service that uses a Silver Cross pram/ or holistic osteopath who treats dogs?  What tickled me this month though, relevant to this theme, was the surfeit of mentions for mindfulness (even more than the usual adverts for private schools), and a feature entitled CIRCLE OF LIFE RE-DISCOVERY.  The latter being where for between £7 and £890 (yes this is correct) this registered charity will provide you with a unique access to nature and the outdoors.  Call me old-fashioned, but when did we need to be told/ shown how to appreciate this?  Mindfulness is a new one to me, apparently it has something to do with Buddhism, feeling good by doing nothing/ avoiding responsibility/ and living in the moment.  Sounds like more of the same, repackaged.

Which leaves those of us in the other camp, those who really want to do something to save the planet, in a very tiny minority.  We who believe there are only two issues that we should all be focussing on.  That of reducing population to sustainable levels, and the banishment of money.

Because no matter how many permaculture projects or ecological innovations could be created, the reality is there are already far too many people occupying the space/ resources that should exist solely for all the other species.  Too many houses/ roads/ shops/ services/ etc, covering the precious land.  As some kind of illustration, using the UK for an example (but it could be any industrialised country), the human population was just 800,000 in the year 0AD (2017 years ago).  At which point you could probably say our ecological footprint then was so minimal, so biodegradeable, it was a more-or-less sustainable existence.  However after that, those who rule over us (this is not a natural thing), decided to increase our number, solely to serve their needs, and by 1750 it had risen to 6.5 million.  No longer biodegradeable/ sustainable, and now taking land/ resources from other species or just killing them for sport/ food.  Then coming up with an even better idea, for making their life more comfortable still, the Industrial Revolution.  Which they achieved by forcing the people to increase their numbers even quicker.  By 1956 (the year I was born) reaching an incredible 51.4 million.  This year, 65.1 million.  Currently increasing at a rate of more than half a million a year.  Each of which will need to take their own piece of the planet for homes/ roads/ shops/ services/ waste/ etc.  Leaving what for the rest of the species?

This doesn’t include how much each person spends every day.  Money being an equally destructive force on the precious ecology, one that indiscriminately robs and poisons in other parts of the world (land and oceans) as well, just so we can carry on this with this crazy overpopulation and stuff ourselves senseless with things we don’t actually need.

To me it is obvious what we have to do, why is everyone else burying their heads?

At least in El Pocito no-one can hear my screams (of frustration), except of course all that nature, which I am fortunate to be surrounded by and so far has escaped being concreted over for yet more unnecessary people.

As the Cree saying goes:

When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money.


Lo sé, estoy predicando en el desierto.  Pero si nosotros los que sabemos, no seguimos contando al resto, que ellos tienen los medios para cambiar este sistema político actual, entonces nosotros también seremos culpables cuando todo se vuelva realmente desagradable.

Todos los días desde que he vivido en España (y Portugal), hace 17 años, he sido testigo de aquellos que tienen trabajos seguros de por vida trabajando para el estado, usan su posición para servirse a sí mismos, a través de la corrupción y el miedo.  A lo largo de los últimos cuatro años esto se ha convertido en algo personal gracias al personal de: seguridad social en Aracena/ servicio sociales en Cortegana/ la oficina de empleo en Cortegana/ y más recientemente correos, que colectiva e ilegalmente me han privado de más de 45.000 euros, dinero que en cambio ha ido a parar al bolsillo de otras personas.

Al mismo tiempo también he desperdiciado cuatro años de mi vida, persiguiendo papeles y llevándolos de una oficina a otra, cuando ya estaban disponibles (digitalmente) para aquellos que me los solicitaban y requerían.

La última gota ha sido el Defensor del pueblo.  Ese departamento de Estado cuya única misión es erradicar la corrupción y garantizar los derechos del ciudadano común.  Ahora también han sucumbido a esta enfermedad, y solo defiende su postura e interés.  Así que la próxima vez que usted piense que todavía hay una oportunidad de obtener lo que se le debe, no pierda un segundo  más de su preciosa vida persiguiendo.  Aténgase a la lotería y a la caridad de la iglesia que en su lugar ofrece las mismas posibilidades de éxito.

Lamentablemente esta codicia continuará, consumiendo servicios y aumentando la tributación hasta que no quede nada.  La única esperanza de sobrevivir que cualquiera de nosotros tiene es matar la enfermedad erradicando al anfitrión.  La próxima vez que haya una elección, voten en un sistema de gobierno totalmente nuevo, Ya no tienen nada que perder.


– wake-up time

I know, I’m preaching to the converted here.  But if we who know, don’t keep telling the rest, that they have the means to change this current political system, then we have only ourselves to blame when it all turns really nasty.

Every day since I’ve lived in Spain (and Portugal), 17 years now, I’ve witnessed those who have secure lifetime jobs working for the state, using their position to serve themselves, through corruption and fear.  Then over the last four years it became personal, thanks to the staff at: Seguridad Social in Aracena/ Servicio Sociales in Cortegana/ the Oficina de Empleo in Cortegana/ and most recently CORREOS, who collectively and illegally have deprived me of over 45,000 euros, money that has instead gone into other people’s pockets.

At the same time I have also wasted four years of my life, chasing papers and taking them from one office to another, when they were already available (digitally) to those requesting them.

The last straw though has been the Defensor del Pueblo.  That state department whose sole remit is to root out corruption and ensure the rights of the ordinary person.  They have now also succumbed to this disease, and now are only defending their own.  So next time you think there is still a chance of getting what is due, don’t waste any more of your precious life chasing it.  Stick to the Lottery and Church instead, the odds they offer are just as good.

Sadly this greed will continue, consuming services and increasing taxation until there is nothing left.  The only hope any of us have of surviving is to kill the disease by eradicating the host.  The next time there is an election, vote in a totally new system of government.  You no longer have anything to lose.